High Growth, rapidly!

Get Better ROI, Take Quick Informed Decisions, and Achieve
Rapid Growth in Your Business with Intelligent ‘Data’ Insights.

Dear ‘High-Growth Seeking’ Entrepreneur

Do you relate with following challenges?

Despite best efforts most businessmen find it difficult to gauge where their businesses are heading?

Due to lack of seamless access to reports, they also find it challenging to make quick & decisive decisions.

You also find it challenging to manage the escalating cost and face an acute cash-flow shortage.

You find yourselves handicapped with half-baked reports & MIS full of numbers but without substance.

If your answer is “Yes”, than it’s high-time you must...

Switch from Chaos to Intelligent Insights

Make no mistake...
The secret of your business growth demands smarter, sharper, and swift business decisions backed by intelligent 'data' insights.

To achieve this, you must come out of all the noises of 'Excel' sheets, ill-prepared reports, and half-baked assumptions – because none of these will let you gain clarity, certainty, and insights to take action.

What you really need is – “intelligent insights” gathered from your business data to fix the leakages, boost the cash-flow, skyrocket your ROI and put your business to the next orbit of success.


Smart Data Dashboard 2.0

Built on our propitiatory SABi Framework, Smart Data Dashboard 2.0 is a path-breaking system that helps you access all your business data in a single unified place and get intelligent insights that are easy to spot.

It unlocks the potential in all data — internal, external, structured & unstructured. It also helps you gain a holistic view, fix the money-licking gaps, optimize the operations and take swift business decisions based on solid facts.

Valuable Insights, Available On-the-Go

From internal documents to spreadsheets to accounting software and
beyond, we extract, clean & refine data from various sources and present it on
custom dashboards to help you make informed decisions fast.

Leading companies from following segements trust our data dashboard to
gain a holistic view of their businesses and get a competitive edge.

Success Stories

98.3% of our clients started getting amazing results within a month of plugging Smart Data Dashboard 2.0 in their business.


Growth in Sales in Just 3 Months.

I was shell-shocked when Techginia’s data analytics dashboard brought forth factors that were causing us lakhs of losses, every day! This system proved life-saver for us.

Ravikant Chopra
Co-Founder, Incremint


Jump in Revenue in Just 2 Months.

Techginia’s dashboards worked incredibly well for us. Not just that, Amit also helped us plug the money-draining gaps and find ways to generate more revenue without escalating cost.

Vipin Aggarwal
Co-Founder, Candes Technology


More Conversion than Before.

Amit was quick to understand our unique challenges and could present viable & practical solution quickly. Team Techginia supported us all along the journey.

Tarun Kumar
Infinite data points
our smart dashboard system
can track every minute data point
2cr+ per month
average revenue saved per clients
during last financial year
2cr+ per month
average revenue saved per clients during last financial year
4.9 Star rating
our dashboards have received
from our 100+ clients
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One System.
A Million Benefits.

With Smart Data Dashboard 2.0 plugged in, you can see real-time results, spot opportunities for growth & re-engineer the processes to capture the high growth.

It will give you a competitive edge and also help you to...

Take Sharp and Swift Decisions

Have full clarity on what is happening & why. And then take course correction decisions quickly.

Every Competition

Leverage the power of data insights to hook right customers and knock-out every competition.

Build Fail-proof Processes

Optimize your business process fully backed by the data insights available near real-time.

Gain Full Control on Business

Get holistic view of all your business processes 24/7 – from wherever you are.

Attain Total Peace of Mind

Become debt-free, make your business cash-rich and attain total peace of mind.

How it Works?

From identifying the core objectives to helping you gain total control of your business, the entire process involves Five core steps.

Identifying Data Use Case

Identify the end objectives, requirements, and possible outcomes.


Building a dashboard based on the data pulled from various sources.


Extracting actionable insights and exploring what happened and why.

Taking Right Actions

Using the intelligent ‘data’ insights to chart or change the path of your business.

Giant Leap with Smiles

Leveraging the power of these insights to chart an explosive growth with ease.

Taking Right Actions

Using the intelligent ‘data’ insights to chart or change the path of your business.

It’s like having...

A Cockpit View of Your Business

Smart Data Dashboard 2.0 works like a cockpit of your business where all vital information is available on-screen and on-demand. It is like seeing & running your business from 33,000 feet height.

Smart Data Dashboard 2.0 is...

Incredibly easy yet astonishingly powerful

Trusted by industry champions

100% safe & secure

Easy to implement

Dashboard for Every Business

We provide 10+ Dashboards to help you get
unimaginable insights of your business on-demand.
Ready to Leverage the Power of Intelligent Insights?

Let a highly qualified team of Techginia examine your business requirements and tailor a specialized data solution to position you for unprecedented growth.


The Sharpest Data Evangelists

Techginia is a rapidly growing data management and analytics consulting firm that provides enterprise-level solutions to customers in India, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

And it is led by a team that has helped hundreds of growth-seeking global companies transform their business by leveraging data-driven insights.

Amit Gupta
Founder of TechGinia & Creator of SABi Framework

Popularly known as the 'Number Cruncher, Amit has leveraged the power of data to help his clients earn and save millions of dollars, year on year.

He founded Techginia to help his clients make faster & more informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage using his dashboard built on SABi Framework.

Amit is also an author of the bestselling book – “Reclaim Your Market Share with Modern Data Analytics”.

discover more about amit   
Yogesh Gupta
Product Manager

Technology enthusiastic with a never to give up attitude and a proven track record of delivering the projects overnights with a human-centered approach.

Shweta bakshi
Human Resource Manager

People management specialists engage all humans in the company and focus on aligning workforce requirements with business goals to deliver happiness for all stakeholders.


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That one call with Amit was worth a million for me.

He & his team solved my PPM challenge on phone only and later built a system that saved lakhs per month.

(Co-Founder, Incremint)
10 min into the call I could sense Techginia can solve my challenges.

They make things so simple, presents practical solutions and actually has ideas I have never thought before.

gaurav bhasin
(Co-Founder, Incremint)
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