The Mobile App Development market never witnessed a downward surge graph. 

With time, the requirements varied and the apps evolved, which gave rise to a bigger mass of customers and so, a hike in the number of jobs in the development market. 

The App Developers are in constant need of keeping themselves aware of the varying trends of the app market and switch as per the latest user demands. 

We bring to you the Top Mobile App Development Trends and Ideas, to help you get the latest trends and insights into this hot market for 2020.



Private chat apps or Money Transaction Apps, breaking into the users’ confidential data is the biggest cyber threat. So, securing the users’ personal information is a huge challenge to app builders and owners.

There have been cases of stealth of confidential data by the third party or unlawful attacks and access into the bank accounts through online transaction portals. 

Blockchain technology is the savior to the developers in providing unbreakable security to mobile apps. 

Apart from security, the Blockchain app has a lot of other advantages like transparency and enhanced speed, which makes these apps better and safer to use. 


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

The market of AI is continuously expanding its horizons. The count for AI devices and technologies seems unstoppable. Researchers, scientists, and developers view AI as the pool of phenomenal inventions and are so, groping it to develop more phenomenal technologies using AI. 

The implementation of already existing AI technology into the app development gave birth to some brilliant apps, which were overwhelmingly welcomed by the customers. 

App Developers are finding out App areas where enabling human intelligence could produce dynamic results as this field provides huge money-making opportunities. 


AR and VR

Also known as the ‘beyond the screen’ experience, AR and VR magnificently improved the gaming experience. 

These technologies are much sought after to develop more and more enhanced real-like and interactive apps and games that will provide a thrilling user experience. 


On-Demand Apps

Cut the piece of cake according to your need – is the basic essence behind on-demand apps. 

In these apps, there is no need to download each module of the program and use up all the gadget space. Instead, only the required pages are downloaded for usage that consumes lesser space and is faster. 

Nowadays, the on-demand or instant app development market is one of the most trending fields, as these apps are much liked by the customers for hassle-free experiences. 



5G network is expected to provide a high average speed of 1 GBps and brings along enhanced and improved facilities too. 

With the hitting of this most advanced technology in the market, the developers want to abreast with it in their app developing work too. 


Mobile Payments

Carrying heavy cash wallets is a headache nowadays, yet transactions need to be done. The settlement to both these issues is mobile payments.

Mobile payment apps are one of the essential factors in pushing society into being fully cashless. 

It is expected that there will be 1.31 billion proximity mobile transaction users in 2023, according to Statista. The big figure clearly states why Mobile Payment Apps are one of the most sought-after trends to follow this year.